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I remember.
Time has passed though. Wrinkles are beginning to form, and grey
Hairs rooted. Doesn't take away the simplicities or
Mere intricacies from the amazement of you.
Although its fragmented.
A laugh becomes hallow. Bounces off walls
Acoustic not in tune with realities dimensions. Smiles
become visible only on a photograph, the unpleasant
Aftermath of the only thing which now to hold.
Dreams. Dreams are divine.
They curve into the cerebellum, leaking false images of you
Drawing naked paths on skin and arching my spine-
but awakening is the sad goodbye.
Your scent. I can still smell it. Soaks
Into my pores and wafts my nose
Tickling the this and that of spice and musky
Through the breeze of the wind, there
It blows.
I remember.

Sweet God of Lord above, I remember.
Do you gather sweet musings about me?
Thirst the same emotion, beg to be touched by me yet again?
Reverse time and become the beautiful reality?
I dare not ask for the real answer.
Life is crue…

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