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Dare I say
that the rhythm is gone the flame is subdued
the voice is unrecognizable. Being a chain of the link of fools
being a sad muse to the heartache which I had no clue
I say dare
to dream. To live out the endless realities that were once
reveries to the sleepless nights that held a tear for the eye to see.
Dare say I
to give me a reason to stay. For the name calling and insults
hurling anger and dangerous thoughts. Which one to blame
whom is at fault?
Dare I say
that what was once loved is now forgotten. Swept up in the wind
being a lonely echo. walked over time and time again
Dare I say
that I am
challenged to be without a lover easily
but living life oh so happily. Dare I say that without you
I am complete.


With this touch.

With this touch
I would have you in my arms
Dedicated to nothing but me
and the closeness between us
With this touch
You would feel my heart beating
Synchronizing in rhythm
With your rise of your breath
And fall of your chest
With this touch
I demand your presence and motion
Your sanctuary and new beginnings
For within this touch
You and I dwell
No others
No empty space between us
Waiting to be filled
No dense surrounding
Giving echoes within the walls
With this touch
You would be mine
and I would be yours
And together we would be held


When we Forget

We often fall in love and get caught up in other's dreams. Their dreams become our reality. Our reality hence becomes a dream, faded away and left for dead, giving no breath in the wind. It amazes me how much one can give up for a relationship. How failures become daily strengths to overcome through ignored conversation, dwindled desire and nonchalance. What about the desire that was once felt? What about the quiet nights and long days of uninterrupted stories that were told because of curiosity. They are replaced. Replaced with short tones, irritated inflections of voice and looks of repulsion. We have fallen in love and got caught up in other dreams. We stopped living, and become a prisoner within our own home. We have stopped believing in ourselves, stopped believing in our own goals. The clean up process is much more hard. So hard that being focused becomes sleepless nights riddled with anxiety and longer days of being a walking zombie. But the goals are obtainable. The to do …

Once Upon A Time

I do not believe in empty fairytales any longer
where my prince on a white horse comes shining through
of fresh air ones and a decent ride
smelling of Ralph Lauren cologne
Fresh faded hairline wheels spinning in chrome
For it is not the epitome of what beautiful personality can bring
full of desire and longing wishing and hoping.
I do not believe in once upon a time introductions
where the peak of the story begins in fantasy
ends in wonder and amazement
piqued with sensitivity
for the sensitive man that I thought to be by my side
ended up a villain to by night to which he hides
lies and memories distant lovers and secret conversations
diluted words and empty promises
once again unfulfilled. once again, I am once upon a time
full of fresh grass and magical happenings
but the only thing surrounding me
is unadulterated negativity
once upon a time,
in the land far away
I met this one guy who loved me
or at least I shall say
so charming by day
so seductive by night
all the ladies in the land
adorned him upon sight

Sweet Temptation…Requested by You

Am I temptation to you
Beyond a eight hour reverie
Destined for me to be
Your warmth entranced between thighs
Your spontaneity of sweet surprise
Your desire held secret by lies
Of a rendezvous to be
That came so easily
Am I to be
Your temptation tasted of pure delight
Entranced by dim lit rooms
Bounced off the walls in candlelight
With soft melodies played in the background
Boys became men singing easily
As physical presence becomes our foreground
Because if I were to be
Truly be- your temptation
As it seems
Miles would not distance us
Years of separation loneliness and new relationships
Would pale in comparison
By understanding the function of
Pure electricity. From the law of physics we defy
the bond separated by heated inter-creation
soul reflections and reformed
treasures as you are the sweet temptation
coming so easily
my sweet reverie born with life that came to me
I said easily
your pure desire
whereas you are the old cliché
again renewed
to re-ignite my fire.

This is for you. Maybe fairytales ar…


I have to remain focused. So focused, I have fucking tunnel vision. I have to remain calm. When the winds blow around me when they create turmoil accompanied with thunderous rolls, earthquakes and aftershocks, I have to remain still. So still, I turn into a yogi. I have to have patience. When worlds collide and stress endures, I will be graciously uplifted from only the wonderful magnificence of the Lord. Because I am hoping, and praying and wishing…that with this mantra, this endurance-I will continue on.
I will continue on.

Poetry Corner: In This Moment

In my last post, I wrote about writing, the art of writing, the soul of writing. Writing to me is essentially my escape and domain of a private world which I allow others to see me. It is of that world which allows me to acknowledge and give my individual self of not only creativity, but passion. A lot of people ask me when I write poetry, "Who is this about?" or "Is this a true story?" People are amazed with the level of details and intricacy involved to retell and recount human moments. Because made out of flesh and blood, we are prone to forget. We take advantage, and are prone to forget the simple moments: a kiss with our lover, the dance with our father, the cooking lessons with our grandmothers. Even I forget. But in poetry, I remember. I close my eyes and can find the room which I was in, the temperature of the day, the placement of objects, and the raw emotion of the moment. This poem that I wrote, "In this Moment" is appropriately titled for the …

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