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Featured Post: #Inktober

Day 15: Inktober

Day 15: #Inktober

So...I love Rick and Morty. This show is hella deep to be a cartoon. Rick has some issues, and Morty needs therapy after all these adventures-but I digress. There's this episode of where a Freddy Kreuger look alike blasts his way through inception like dreams and in the end, saves the day. His name: Scary Terry. Bitch.

Well...he calls everything a bitch. He has a problem with cussing.
Fave episode ever.

Used roller ink, Japanese brush, gel pens, colored pencils for this one. Damn this is a dark picture. Perhaps I will upload a brighter one. Anyway, enjoy.


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Sketch Daily 01.19.2018 Anatomy Studies & Andrew Loomis: Figure Drawing For All It's Worth

Let me introduce you to a little fella that I'm growing quite fond of. He's so flexible. Well, he's becoming my worst enemy and my biggest help all at the same time.
I want to call him Flexo.

I've been watching too much Futurama. Anyways, I've been practicing anatomy like crazy. Heads. Hands. Eyes. Torsos. Feet and hands I kinda just want to crawl in a ball and cry when I draw them, they're so difficult, not gonna lie. The old adage goes "a watched pot never boils." 
Well...I've been majorly impatient with my progress and I've believe its showing in my work. I now get a mental block even before I want to draw, almost defeated because I see the little details instead of focusing on the major steps. The bottom line is I want to learn traditional art and the fundamentals. This is the only way which I feel that I can succeed.
Perhaps I'm putting too much pressure on myself?
Damn girl. Relax.

So, I've tried taking off a day out of the week …

Sketch Daily: Battlemaster Punga & Krampus #NSFW Read

So, I took a few days off here and there. Mostly the weekend, as it was my birthday (Yay!) and I was feeling a bit burned out physically. I still drew, but most of it was crap that I just erased, doodled, or just formed digitally and straight deleted. Fine with me. I just wanted muscle memory. I did, however, make 2 pieces in the past few days. Take a look.

The first was "Battlemaster Punga" which was in honor of a gaming battle in Don't Starve Together The Forge (a limited time event) which  I finally won with my friends. It was pretty intense. The running joke was that I was (cover your virgin ears) so close to orgasm but never came when I finally met the big boss. I mean...we kept dropping the ball. We were just fucking up royally. Thanks, Glowfam for that good win. Anyways, you can watch the clip here:

Glowgasm is a really great streamer. You can check him out about 10pm EST here. 

Now last night, I decided to dip my toes back into the daily prompts from Deviant. Kr…

Sketch Daily: Lois Lane and I drew lots and Lots and Lots of Hands.

Today I drew lots of hands. Digitally. I won't bore you by posting them. I uploaded a few few reference photos via the Art Rage app, and traced them. I repeated this step until my hands hurt. Then I tried without tracing. The muscle memory definitely helped. The hands looked less crappy, and I understood the flow of the digital side a bit better. Overall, I still prefer traditional because I love the feeling and control in my hand. While I can CTRL+Z (that's delete or undo) to death, I think that will develop bad habits for me while I learn. I would personally learn traditional mediums first and then get a better hold on digital, if that makes sense.

In the DeviantArt group prompt, I decided to tackle Lois Lane. I like the feel of the Justice League animated series, about 2001 or so. Anyways, I ended up with this:

It's a start. I'm hoping to improve, as usual. 
Speaking of which, don't forget to support my Art by visiting my Twitter, YouTube,Deviant Art, liking my …

Sketch Daily: Alopex, and Random Cartooning

Today's prompt is Alopex, an arctic fox that is iconic to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. I found drawing her enjoyful, save her hind legs which I knew I derped up. I loved the ragged look and fur, with wisps of hair here and there.

I continued throughout the day drawing a WIP (work in progress) of a mad hatter and drawing hands (again). I inked a random cartoon and was NOT pleased at all with her body, specifically her arms. For some odd reason I could not get them to match or flow. I think I just needed a break because I drew all day long and my shoulder was still killing me from the other day. Doesn't matter, still pressing on.


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Daily Sketching, Noctis, And other Happenings!

Lemme catch you up! So I'm still drawing daily. Sketching at least 1 hour a day, mostly 2 hours daily. I try to take my time working mostly on traditional with pencil and paper, filling out my big ass 600 page sketchbook.

I took off two whole days when I was feeling absolutely dreadful and other than that...kept back at it. Today, I worked on canvas and completely ruined it. Like...omg. It was terrible. Whoa. Terrible. I really, really have to get a hold on watercolors. 
Anyway, I figured I bounce back and just keep drawing. In between making chili all day, I signed up with DeviantArt and put a few of my sketches there. Check me out. Also, I updated my Instagram and Twitter. I've been busy.
I joined the Daily Sketch group which fits perfectly for me. I will keep on with my personal goal of learning anatomy and such and fulfill the daily forum sketch goal on DeviantArt as well. I know there are a few other websites, but I don't want to get too overwhelmed.

Sketch Daily and Andrew Loomis Practice: Frontal Face and Big Hair

Sketch Daily: What's been happening since #Inktober

I have a 600 page brand new sketchbook. It's big. It's thick. It's long. It's sturdy. It's all mine. Each sheet is 10.75" x 12.5" inches, acid free and the book is a hard cover. Oh yes. Its beautiful.
I love it. 
I did a few sketches from #Inktober within the first few pages, but I wanted to do a daily sketch-practicing anatomy, animals, cartooning, illustration, fan art...whatever I wanted to do. The point was: keep practicing. Muscle memory. Learn from my mistakes, compare, see the difference with growth within sketchbooks. While I struggle wholeheartedly with drawing hands, I am getting better. I browsed through my Andrew Loomis book and followed through the instructions of shaping the head. Getting a tad bit better.

(free download here!)

The head and eyeballs are spheres. Draw accordingly, and stop being flat pieces of crap on the paper! Ok. I had to try.

A great start. Keep going.  Well, today I…

#Inktober 28-31 I reached my goal!!!

So, I want to first say thank you all for the love and support that everyone has given me for my first Inktober. This was my first 31 day challenge in using inks and the process has not been easy. What I have learned most of all is that I can level up and accomplish a goal-and Bob Ross was right all along. Happy little trees, happy little accidents. The few times (well, many) that I made a mistake with ink, I found a way to recover. The innate practice served me well and gave me the muscle memory needed to accomplish an even bigger goal I have in mind. I currently have my eyes set on becoming an illustrator one day...practice makes perfect. It's never too late, and chronic pain be damned I will obtain this goal. 
I has also connected with other artists and creatives that I look up to. Taking their advice and getting tips along the way are great resources in education and learning skills required to keep up ones artistry. There's a great sense of community within the creative wo…

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