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Please use contact page or email for commissions and serious inquires.
Paypal, cashier checks and money orders accepted. Shipping not included.

Email Me Here

"Geisha" -BRR
"Happy Pig Men Fan Art" -BRR
Want to donate a new paintbrush or ink? Send money the safe way through Paypal . All donations are accepted with loving care and go directly to new supplies. Thank you for helping me continue my journey!

I currently work with multiple mediums including digital, pastel, graphite, watercolors and more.  
If you're into some great speedlapse work, (well...I'm not such a great YouTube editor but hey you get the point) I have a few videos of the digital process where I have used the Inspire Pro iPad app. Other apps such as Tayasui Sketches are great, and on PC, ArtRage, Fire Alpaca, Krita have served me well. This is a learning process with digital...but participating in the #Inktober #Inktober2017 series has opened my eyes to create mistakes on purpose. I'm on DeviantArt as well. 
 I am looking forward to developing my skills as an artist. I do not plan on stopping any time soon. A sketch a day keeps the cobwebs away.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone whom has shown me kindness and genuine love in this process from the bottom of my heart. As a #ChronicPain survivor I am constantly battling a day by day struggle with physical self. Hands numb, lines aren't straight, nothing is perfect. I had to relearn many things. I decided that regardless of my conditions I live with, and how long it will take me...I will just reach my goal step by step.

Much love and keep at it!



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