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Day 40: A Book For a Friend That Fits In the Palm Of your Hand

Day 40 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf. Month Two.

"Wherever you are, it is your own friends who make your world." ~William James

For My Friend is one of those really tiny, size of inside of your hand quotation styled books. So small that it was almost lost with the others towering over it, spines in different shapes and sizes. It was given to me by someone close, of course. Surprised me with a letter still enclosed inside. Although small, it's quite gorgeous. Hardcover. White cardboard with maroon insides. Titled spine. Fancy end paper, leaves, half title page, title page, and so many words of wisdom.

All pages have that glossy paper, and are illustrated with vines, roses, and pieces of nature. There's a maroon bookmark with dangling 24k good played charm that can be removed for a bracelet or necklace. I kept it on. The book was compiled by Nick Beilenson, text border illustrations by Charles Waller. ©1995 Peter Pauper Press Inc.

Day 39: Literary Magazines on My Shelf

Day 39 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf. Month Two.

There are a handful of magazines and literary journals I've kept on my bookshelf. All literary, of course. Poets & Writers magazine is one of them. Not only is the publication filled with literary news, articles, features, and letters-it is a go to resource for grants and awards, conferences, and residences for the writer. I have now turned to perusing the resources section more effectively via the web, but the poems and pieces inside are beyond creative. Whenever I stumble across a favorite author or poet of mine in a magazine, I may keep the copy just to pay it forward or for future use. 
This is volume 34, Issue 33 from May/June 2006. Great condition, almost perfect except a crease in the back. Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka blazes the cover.

Day 38: Black Like Me. Enter A White Man Disguised As Black into theDeep South.

Day 38 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf. Month Two.

You ever read one or those type of books that impact you from the first paragraph, the first line or sentence? Enter Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. My obviously wrinkled and battered trade paperback copy has stood the test of time in its 1976 copyright. The book is old. Very old. As in first edition, 1960 old. During this title's 66th printing at the time, over five million copies were already sold and counting. The book has already celebrated its 50th anniversary, and has sold many more. There's yellowing in the pages, and dogearred pages. Inscription unbeknownst to me from previous owner. Looks like..."Ginnie Herbert. Ya friend, L. B." in blue ink. I wrote my name at least seven times in it. I was young. I really wanted no one to have this book once I acquired it. Wait...where did I get it from? It's way too old for me to remember, and I would be giving away my age. 
Speaking of age…

Days 33~37: Comics, Anyone?

Day 33-37 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf. Month Two.

So who doesn't like comics, better yet...a post with five pictures of comics? These titles sit on my shelf as days 33 through 37 as I play catch up with this project. Forgive the lateness with updating. Life gets in the way. 
So, as a child I never really read comics-only the Archies and stuff like that. Only recently I read the compendium of the Walking Dead because I am so into the TV show I have to know the actual story line as it relates to the writing. Now I am scouring iBooks and other sites that offer free comics that I can read in my downtime. These five here which I am sharing today were only $1.00 via bargain bin box at Barnes & Noble. They're still in a plastic sleeve, extremely crisp with cardboard backing to support comic. I understand many people collect them for their rarity and monetary value,  but these titles are quite common.  In all, nice reads for my husband whom I purchased th…

Day 32: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With the Berenstain Bears

Day 32 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf. Month Two.

So let me tell you a little bit about nostalgia: there is nothing that compares with the scent of book being curled up as a child near your favorite little corner tugging at big pages with little fingers. Such memories include Little Golden Books with the classic shining spine and sturdy back, Choose Your Own Adventure books, and the beloved series of The Berenstain Bears.

Written by Stan & Jan Berenstain and continued by their son Mike-the series has celebrated over 50 years of writing with over 300 titles. This copy, The Berenstain Bears and G-Rex Bones is on my Kindle rich with illustrations in black and white as shown in eink, or in color via the Kindle app if you prefer to read via smart device or computer.
I purchased this copy for my son (and who's kidding-my trip down memory lane) for the great story line and lengthy read. In a nutshell, Bear Country has a mystery and it's up to a bear to solv…

A Runaway Slave Writes A Handwritten Letter To His Wife of Freedom. I Hope She Got It.

A letter can be a symbol of memories. A scent of cologne or perfume hinted on text from the writer to pass to the reader. In some cases, it's a piece of vital information that must be delivered as a means of communication. Enter the tale of John Boston, a slave in Maryland. The year was 1862. The month, January. The Civil War in full action with the beginning of the year authorizing President Lincoln to launch extensive and aggressive action towards the Confederacy. General McClellan later ignored this order, the President grew impatient and by April of the same year the battle of Shiloh was born. While the Civil War created a new type of modern weaponry (such as repeaters and submarines) the telegraph, war photographs, and most importantly letters were a means of communication-especially to slaves whom were often punished for knowing how to read or learning to read and didn't have access to modern technologies.  A letter alone could not be reliable, but could probably be inter…

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