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"Baby's Breath"

had i lived if i had not died an impressionable thumbprint to lay and co-exist soul stamped and virtually entranced upon memories reserved for future smiles unexpected and inappropriate laughs in silent spaces within this small space of the body cavity i have left my eyes to see the envisioned world which i created to seek and inspire. love and devour the drops and essential goodness of life which i take a huge bite satisfied in the juicy aftertaste of experienced moments and inexplicable beauty where do the skies end and Heaven begin climbing Jacob's ladder and surrounded by angelic celestial matter dense with beauty God's concentrated hues which i see and realize that i have lived for more than me. i lived. i was here. i am the re-incarnation potential not wasted highest of the most High Jesus walks as i touch the sky being upon this planet a Rubik's cube enigma where you cannot fit the spot or imitate the God given reality of my blessed individuality baptized in the worry free anxieties of where …


home lies beyond an edifice
a structural building filled
with bricks and mortar
sidepaneling and dry wall.
home lies beyond a
four letter word
it encompasses eight letters
two syllables and one sound
: laughter.
re-defined is the complexity
yet intricacy of what an abode
means to me.
shall i be comforted from harsh winds
and cold nights
refuge to heated blankets
and seeped tea leaves
simmered upon a whistling stove.
you, are more than an orifice
a maintained place of carpeted
residence-you resonate
and advocate spiritual blessings
my Father, whom knocks at the door
naked feet and prayed blackened knees
nestled within tears and memories
etched upon silent reverberations
of soul stamps self addressed
to the walls which hold them-
home, send me my peace and being
the enclosure beyond weight bearing
columns, flower gardens adorn the
steps with no life inside
(this room). in here,
in home, be the place where
silent prayers are heard, bouncing off of
windowpanes as clouds form
drip. drop. rain.
no need for an umbrella

"Soul Cleanse"

i need a good cry.
the kind of cry where
i don't care which way
my hair bounces and falls
over pillows and newly sprinkled
sheets of tears.
i need a good cry
the kind that opens your eyes
while even shut, wailing
in pain the kind where i
just don't give a fuck-
and don't offer that tissue again.
i need a good cry
the kind that mourns and screams
yells to the highest point of things
run out of air, lungs
decreased panting to breathe,
God, give me the serenity, grant me peace.
i need a good cry.
where Maybelline and Covergirl
don't mean a thing
and raccoon eyes lay weary
as my face grows teary
the kind where swollen lids are accepted
smiles are rejected and i slowly neglect
the mirror, the sound, the feeling
i need a good cry
where my face is numb
from body shut-down blood pressure rise
stomach hurts, pass me a Tums-
i need a good ol' fashioned cry.
Clean my soul out.

Go ahead and cry, baby.
Comfort, is not a doubt.



I lay upon the crisp sheets
pillows adorned with soft down
compliment the white angelic
beauty of this linen. I know
what awaits for me.
it is him.
Inhaling his scent,
my body turns to face him
as we shadow dance in the dark. The pale moon
bounces off the sheer curtains
playfully unto my skin in the presence of this
undefined space,
his chocolate mocha skin undeniable and smooth
his lips, warm and soft.
indulgence of the highest pedigree as I increase
the seconds to which he
enters me. soulful and hedonistic
his smooth circles sway
my hips in unified and
synchronized rhythms as
he again and again and again
presses his lips to the
this and that of the nape of my neck
and he pulls me deeper and inches
I arch my back.
I want more. Give me more.
forms as beads trickled to
my middle of increasing moistness
skin to skin gliding
Trying to hold back. Fighting
the thunderous buildup which he again and again
licks from the sweet cup out from which I
flow a river of satisfaction
And I think to myself
this is beyond i…

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