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The stealer of dreams,
The thief of hope,
And the merciless pilferer of truth
Have stolen from
Years upon countless years. Decades of minutes
Stacked upon memories I never had with
Someone who could have loved me back
Someone who's mere touch had the electricity to arch my back
Someone who arms could spread east to west beyond a cartographers dreams
Someone who's love bursts and permeates through all the seams.
The stealer of dreams.
Flying high on could haves and would haves and maybes
Past lives and wrinkled times now synching
Womb empty with grown child no longer a baby.
The fool who believed it all.
The constant reassurance in slick talks under hushed acoustic walls
And cheap mattress springs, wooed by promises
Of mere possibilities.
We could of had it all.
The thief of hope.
We could have redefined bliss. Etched it in Oxford dictionaries
scribe in pencils, visualize and mime in Pictionary
Become the envy of the town where grass is St. Augustine

Blogging and knowing HTML: Even a few commands go a long way.

So my laptop died a pathetic death a few months ago, and I have not yet got it replaced as of yet. I do have a shiny new iPad 3 which was purchased for me by the hubby and is already obsolete due to the fuckers at Apple releasing a new device every 6 months. That's another post though. So, I have been writing exclusively via pen and paper and updating only what I desire via the blog. Lets share that experience, as I use Blogger.

The older app was simply the bare bones; type via your iPad or iPhone. No crisp screen orientation, as I had to do the whole 1X or 2X bit as well. Controls are seriously lacking. No post editor to help you along the way. No fancy buttons to push. You can upload a picture though, but can't place it where you desire-just at the bottom of the page. Editing was a complete hassle on the web, even if I did put the iPad on "request desktop site" as blogger didn't even let me scroll to the bottom of the page. So, you see, you have to know a litt…

Understanding Poetry: Rhyme Scheme

Attention class: write a poem using the ababaxCabbC rhyme scheme.

*Class looks around*...what the deuce?

Oh, it's possible. And a rhyme scheme is nothing but a map to show you the way on how to write a poem in fixed form.

The rhyme scheme is a specific pattern (either created by the writer or a fixed form) that is established by arranging rhymes in a stanza or throughout a poem, and is described by using letters to show the recurrence and specific pattern for the lines of the poem.

Now, that might seem confusing at first, but think of the rhyme scheme as a sort of "code" if you will for your poem. Each rhyme scheme deals specifically with end rhyme and both capital and lowercase letters all give you the directions needed to create the poem.

1. Capital letters create a refrain. This is a repeating line throughout the poem.

2. Lowercase letters (except x and y) just show the rhyming pattern.

3. The letters x and y remain unrhymed.

4. In all cases, the rhyme sche…


So...a quick update.

Since my last post, I've been keeping you all informed about my progress and such. Feet hitting the floor and getting a better mojo. The usual "epiphany" jazz. I haven't been doing much writing in my healing time, as I just have not been inspired. Today I wrote something though. I stopped researching and sending in any poetry submissions to literary magazines due to illness, but I think I got a better hang of things since my Physical Therapy is done. I am in no means done, as I am a chronic pain patient. I will keep trying to find something that works for me and continue to get my happy back, if that is all possible. Now I think I can start sending in a SASE and avoid slush piles. Go after my dreams at snails pace if that's what it takes. Took me a while to accept that. I think I have. So, 35 pounds lighter (Huzzahs are in order) and with a focus on health for the body and mind, I think I'm ready to pick up the pen more frequently instea…

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