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"Time Stamp"

within this forbidden place riddled with foliage and secret pathways overgrown with moss and forest floor fungi mud seeps. drainage endures flash floods and chaos filled rivers stretched to estuaries reserved for the ever binding relationships mixed salt and freshwater beginnings.
the place where stone compresses under pressurized rocks forming Tacori diamonds laden with small velvet boxes reserved for surprise engagements bent knees the humbling of past lives and hurts forgiven.
the subconscious dimension surpassed with waking hours dawn forgiving light and horizons meet the east settled in the west and dew comes a new morning. the reverie induced dreams where you and i meet the voice familiar the tone forgiving the words fallacious hidden in time and space continuum's where you lie to me breathe consonants, vowels and adjectives saying that forever you will be within me.
but you are not
in my thoughts. in my dreams. you shape and relocate the risen zombie figure of corazon and lovers born w…

I. Fucking. Hate. You.

I. Fucking. Hate. You.
I hate how you disrupt the silence in me. how I crave to be the still waters in chaos ripples within unfamiliar environments soul quiver induced need an intravenous medicine through my vein mind reliance head game type of love.
I hate You.
Hate how you nibbled the rock formed within my heart pebble by pebble dust collected pressurized being the coulda shoulda woulda luminescence eye catching diamond in the rough upon sight for seeing.
I hate the way your commandments come not from stone tablets but hidden sex shadowed by layers of jean material move me in. out. in. undertones of a serial killer slashing beating hearts bled by red eyes hours pass cease shadows of the day and now, morning paid its price.
you made me love you.
The quivering inner child not loved by his father in-compassionate to debate topics scorned fury have no hell summoned to thee/ calculated movements in the web in which you caught me.
snipped my wings.
I hate how movement and flight ceased relaxed winds in your presence dominat…

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