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Destiny Re-born

Do You believe in destiny?
The kind of destiny where two worlds collide and shape their individualities to a entity
A cohesive unit bound than more than the law of attraction.
I moved this man. I was a force to be reckoned within his life, a force that became a movement of his daily impact of happiness.
I was there for him. I listened with more than open ears and open soul, open awareness and open spirituality.
Within a second and inflection of his voice, I was a provider of solidarity and the peace in the ocean of his storms.
We beat in the same heartbeat. We breathe within the same breath. We are truly connected.
No one or nothing can deviate our truth of togetherness, of destiny, of pure answered prayers from the highest of high.
Damn, I loved this man. I loved this man with every single fiber
of my being-every cell and molecule had DNA imprinted on his name, his laughter, his smile. I
dreamed of him. I dreamt of having him within my arms and having him being the enclosure which I lay my hea…

Try a little tenderness...


Try a little tenderness. The kind of tenderness that mimics a lyric to a song, full of wanting and desire. Try a little gentleness. The kind of gentleness that only the craft of love can bring, the element of surprise to woo me, and the diligence of all three. Try a little softeness in your voice. Where bass and inflections don't mirror harshness and anger, built from years of keeping your voice silent within. Try a little happiness. Try a little tenderness...

What the F**K??????


(The normal rantings of a person whom is sick and tired of being sick and tired.)

WTF is up with....
Annoying neighbors that constantly blast their music til 5 a.m.?Little children playing outside until 9:00 p.m. (I mean, little kids. Where the hell is your Mom and Dad at anyways?)People that want to lean on your car?People that speed ahead of you while you drive-only to tap brakes while in front of you?People that are constantly connected on their cell phone like they can't make a move without any social interaction in their life for even five seconds?And speaking of cell phones: WTF is up with men constantly checking them? Gotta hot date? Checking your stocks? Need to know the time?How about your wear a watch then? Stop checking your damn cell phone. That's right. Nobody is calling you. You aren't that important.People saying "hold on" while on the phone but don't click back?Or even better...talking to EVERYONE ELSE but you while you are on the phone with…


God, I love a new morning.

The kind of morning where sleep is refreshed and you actually hear birds chirping. The kind of morning where the car alarm down the street doesn't sound so loud, the baby waking up is of no bother. This is the kind of morning that I enjoy: fresh Spanish coffee with naked feet hitting the carpet with the almost sound of silence. There is serenity in so many moments which people fail to ignore. We dream of Tahitian filled vacations to feel sand upon our toes. We wander the streets of a busy metropolitan area to sight-see-only to feel exhausted upon our return home. Is the work→home→repeat cycle so obvious that we cannot enjoy precious, beautiful moments? Even in the midst of what I would considered a "fucked up" day, I sat down to breathe. To feel peace. And guess what I found? Peace. If you can tune out-I mean really tune out half of the crap that is continuously thrown in your face on the daily, you might just see that there is peace in the val…

Dream With Me

Dream with me
Go to far away dimensions reserved for
secret places and intricate spaces
in the Queendom of reality sparked by
the Kingdom of actuality.
Dream with me and
Close your eyes to unexpected reveries
full of oblivious soul-mates and hearts that never
dissipate, dream-lover come close your eyes
to me.    
Go away with me
set your goals upon moonlit nights
where Sandman is reluctantly given a fight
so that you and I can be one within
and infinite surpassing of time comes with joy
everlasting as we whisper
and hush in the nape of the neck
sweet goodbyes fallen from Jacob's ladder
pure and Heaven-sent.
Dream with me
my love, my desire,
my rendezvous of sweetened passion-fire
Dream with me as we
take over reality
filled with harsh expectancies
and neglections; why won't you be next to me
to dream
quiet and easy, slow please believe me
slowly we drive away all distractions
and I become your focus of synchronized rhythms
beating everlasting-why don't you dream with me, my
dream…Dream with

To Be Loved.

We all want to be loved.
To feel that infatuation and that pure desire that skips the beat in your heart. To feel that undying connected and soul bare experience that allows you to gravitate yourself. To build a better you. Someone to share that experience with. Someone to capture that moment in your life where time builds and the clock just stands still. This is a time that when life ends, ashes turn to dust and bodies pass away-that time seemed too short with that person you have loved. Everybody wants that human element to reconnect and be within a stillness that only another person truly understands. I have loved. I have had a love in my life that was my muse, my inspiration, my smile. He was my everything, and I lost him. I have loved.
We all want to be loved.
It is of human life dependency that we rely on it. That four letter often forgotten and left astray word has built empires and crushed dreams within an instant. Newborn infants cry out for a human touch to be connected to a b…

Just to Get By.

We do so much just to get by.
Here I sit, cigarette in one hand and glass of Mirassou in the other-waiting and hoping to get by. To find the relief at the end of the tunnel, the light that is awaiting me in better times. For times were not always like this. I was happy once. Smiling. Hopeful and less bitter. Do I wait on the best of times to get me through the worst of times? What if my prayers are not reached, my call out from a cry is not heard or the embrace that I need is not felt? I am so much more. So much more than hips and ass swaying for the man to lick his lips in pure desire. I am so much more. I am intelligence and class and full of personality and spunk. I have made it this far through faith-even when I thought I did not have it. Because it takes faith. It takes hope and pure desire to live to want to continue-even as I am just trying to get by. We do so much just to get by. Some like to bury their heads in pillows sleeping through the storm. Some like to inhale weeds from…

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