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Invisible Lines

In this tiny pinky finger
The smallest of all, holds the greatest of fates. So I'm told.
Funny how the little finger is used. Its digits fragile
in comparison. The oddly notion that it has the most strength.
Somehow, it grasps a little red piece of string, fiery in
all it's glory. A cord designed to withstand seasons
and the tides of time. Somehow, it's straight and tangled.
A beautiful web of loops and holes filled with
destinations and environments. Times I have kissed you.
Will kiss you. Wont kiss you. Places knitted in
Fabrics of dimension and the magnificence seconds, piled high
To the brim of clockmakers and cartographers.
I pull, you follow.
You stretch, I fill in the gaps.
we twist and turn,
bend and run,
swoop and stand still,
fall and lift up
Miles away and up close, in dreams and conscious awake
All of that movement, yet
it still does not break.
And did it not even come close to undone?
Didn't we
Become one
entangled in skin and hair, no b…

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