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So...a quick update.

Since my last post, I've been keeping you all informed about my progress and such. Feet hitting the floor and getting a better mojo. The usual "epiphany" jazz. I haven't been doing much writing in my healing time, as I just have not been inspired. Today I wrote something though. I stopped researching and sending in any poetry submissions to literary magazines due to illness, but I think I got a better hang of things since my Physical Therapy is done. I am in no means done, as I am a chronic pain patient. I will keep trying to find something that works for me and continue to get my happy back, if that is all possible. Now I think I can start sending in a SASE and avoid slush piles. Go after my dreams at snails pace if that's what it takes. Took me a while to accept that. I think I have. So, 35 pounds lighter (Huzzahs are in order) and with a focus on health for the body and mind, I think I'm ready to pick up the pen more frequently instead of once in a blue moon, as I have been the past few months.

I was born a poet. I will live writing poetry. Being poetry. I have a story to tell.

I will die as a poet.

Thank you all whom have prayed over my body and helped me stay sane in the membrane. Thank you for support. Thank you for continuing to read my words. Perhaps your story is told in my words which I bring to the world.


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