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"Soul Cleanse"

i need a good cry.
the kind of cry where
i don't care which way
my hair bounces and falls
over pillows and newly sprinkled
sheets of tears.
i need a good cry
the kind that opens your eyes
while even shut, wailing
in pain the kind where i
just don't give a fuck-
and don't offer that tissue again.
i need a good cry
the kind that mourns and screams
yells to the highest point of things
run out of air, lungs
decreased panting to breathe,
God, give me the serenity, grant me peace.
i need a good cry.
where Maybelline and Covergirl
don't mean a thing
and raccoon eyes lay weary
as my face grows teary
the kind where swollen lids are accepted
smiles are rejected and i slowly neglect
the mirror, the sound, the feeling
i need a good cry
where my face is numb
from body shut-down blood pressure rise
stomach hurts, pass me a Tums-
i need a good ol' fashioned cry.
Clean my soul out.

Go ahead and cry, baby.
Comfort, is not a doubt.


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