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home lies beyond an edifice
a structural building filled
with bricks and mortar
sidepaneling and dry wall.
home lies beyond a
four letter word
it encompasses eight letters
two syllables and one sound
: laughter.
re-defined is the complexity
yet intricacy of what an abode
means to me.
shall i be comforted from harsh winds
and cold nights
refuge to heated blankets
and seeped tea leaves
simmered upon a whistling stove.
you, are more than an orifice
a maintained place of carpeted
residence-you resonate
and advocate spiritual blessings
my Father, whom knocks at the door
naked feet and prayed blackened knees
nestled within tears and memories
etched upon silent reverberations
of soul stamps self addressed
to the walls which hold them-
home, send me my peace and being
the enclosure beyond weight bearing
columns, flower gardens adorn the
steps with no life inside
(this room). in here,
in home, be the place where
silent prayers are heard, bouncing off of
windowpanes as clouds form
drip. drop. rain.
no need for an umbrella
moistened by outside elements
raging against these walls.
within this home
is simplicity yet intricacy
and it follows me
wherever, I go.


home, my love. home, is where the heart is. and if there is no place to call home, enter your heart and dwell within. be blessed.

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