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"Time Stamp"


within this forbidden place
riddled with foliage and secret pathways
overgrown with moss and forest floor fungi
mud seeps. drainage endures
flash floods and
chaos filled rivers
stretched to estuaries reserved
for the ever binding relationships
mixed salt and freshwater beginnings.


the place where stone compresses
under pressurized rocks
forming Tacori diamonds
laden with small velvet boxes
reserved for surprise engagements
bent knees the humbling
of past lives and hurts forgiven.


the subconscious dimension
surpassed with waking hours
dawn forgiving light
and horizons meet the east
settled in the west
and dew comes a new morning.
the reverie induced dreams
where you and i meet
the voice familiar
the tone forgiving
the words fallacious
hidden in time and space continuum's
where you lie to me
breathe consonants, vowels and adjectives
saying that forever you will be
within me.

but you are not


in my thoughts. in my dreams. you shape and relocate
the risen zombie figure of corazon and lovers born
with first kisses and candlelight wishes
gushy enveloped letters filled with your scent
effervescent. soul decadence.
a time stamp;
and i miss you.

you're not supposed to be here.
you invade my space/my place
reserved for emptiness
unforgiving actions
unforgettable memories.

why do you

seek to appear
in soulful manifestations
filling the static air of radio
in a tune that embodies you?

why do you

animate and dissipate
in a matter of seconds
hours laid with head to pillow
vanished hung down my dreams
weeping willow

why do you

give me signs that only God can give thee
a figure, present
a insignia, gone
a scent, lessened. you were here.
you were there. you were present
and you still continue
to be
what i ought to not love within me
and damn I hate how you invade my space
I'm supposed to not need
and be indulged by
being in dreams
as the glue that shapes me. The Michelangelo forced to be the
undeniable quest of hands meeting body
body meeting skin
skin meeting soul
soul to soul,
a kiss.


you are not supposed to be here.
the awful stench of past lives re-birthed into
futuristic and optimistic visions. I am not supposed to love you
I am not supposed to care. I am not supposed to be the weak
in your strength the being of your human body the soul in your
divine expression.

you. are. not. supposed. to. be. here.

the hidden riddle in which
my moth denies the utterance to speak.
the soft lips forming pillows
which i embrace and beckon to lie down upon.
you, the one
whom understands the thought process of
what of my life in a mess
you make sense
of the chaotic
and freshen the dead
which was in me.

i can't move. i am hypnotized and tranquilized
victimized and so i
wanting. needing. to hear one last word.

just give me one last breath of you.
just give me
one single second
in which i can summon all the thoughts i learned. perhaps in that second
i can gather my thoughts and show you the essence of me
in that single second of our meeting
i can just...i can just...i can just...
be silent.

be silent with you.

do you need to utter a word?
are we not soul connected
and so damn gifted in which
we lift our hands and become one
bare on cotton sheets, fuck the thread count
i want to be the name in which you shout
roll me under, arch in my back

you are the chain,
in which i react.

i can not love you.
you make me love you.
you make me be the best and worse in you.
you make me
just so damn-
free. i cannot fly if you invade my dreams
i cannot fly if you send universe signals to awaken me
i cannot fly if you clip
my wings.


my thoughts. visions. fiend.
future present


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