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"Je Ne Sais Quoi"

what made him so different?

Was it the slant in his eyes
the bass of his voice
the disruption within my environment
that ceased to fulfill what what originally uncapable
for me to see
was it
the smoothness of his skin
the sharpness of his tongue
the vulgarity that turned me on
the inner freak that made me curl my toes to
the break of dawn?
was it
the muscular path
the happy trail to inner happiness
the blazing surefire way that he can
enrapture and encapture a still moment
upon the living that was dead upon
the sight for seeing?
was it
the way he moved and glided
the motherfucker could walk on air
swag to the side, broad back to envelop
strong neck to place kisses upon the nape
smooth chest to house the heart for mine
to take?
was it him
the pure
je nes sais quoi
that made me utter and stutter unknown languages
whisper in foretold dimensions and
speak in timeless changes
he moved me.
too much. too much from this spot,
this place, this origin. this definition of what I am.
he has me, and he knows it.
yet I am incapable of
defining what
"it" that this is.
what is it?

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