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"Mental Orgasm"

have you burst into me
pure velvet smoothness of words that
not only rapture but en capture
the quivering of my thighs
the hope in my eyes
the pure delicacy in which i dismiss
unsettling rhymes and irrational couplets.

you make me want you.

come unto me
pure knowledge and slow meditative thoughts
i acknowledge that the strength in you had to say
what others were mute upon empirical evidence to sway
debates and arguments placed upon a balanced scale
as the lady of justitia covers her eyes, weeps and wails

you make me want you.

to have you finger
my placement upon crisp pages
and hard bindings
where philosophy meets idiosyncrasies and
thoughtful minds flow into black ink
and i would have you all unto myself
quiet as it kept, my obsession surpasses the desires
of any wealth. i want you. i want build up
and elevate. go deeper, deeper until
my soul pronounceable of 
verbal languages, known and undefined
captured by history reeking the scent of time,
oh how i adore you.


i want you.

i need you. my body cannot take the
fatigue of withdrawal if i cannot wait
just ten more seconds
ten more minutes
ten more hours
without coming into you
i need to have the necessity
to lay next down to you-
to have you whisper sweet nothings
wrapped in poetry
moan enumerable breaths
reserved for artistry
stroke this big muscle
sculpted in carpentry
release this mental orgasm
in pure chemistry
release endorphins have me scream and holler
wishing that i could just grab you by the collar
and shake free the imprisoned mind
which falls short of what i need-

because stimulation of the mind
as my mental orgasm
i want you


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