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Blessed is looking outside your
thanking God you
can see.

Blessed is
acknowledging your heart is beating for your
potential to be filled.

Blessed is having the strength to continue when your feet drag and your mind is cluttered.

Blessed is smiling at your child seeing a future to live and creating memories.

Blessed is hoping for a better tomorrow by praying for a beautiful today.

Blessed is knowing the battles to fight and choosing to win silently.

Blessed is standing in the mirror at wrinkles, cellulite and fat and saying: This Body Works!!! (without the "at least" in the beginning of the statement :)

Blessed is seekign the excitement in life even though some avenues lead to monotony.

Blessed is watching your heart reach its desire by kissing the one you love.

Blessed is knowing all these things and seeing the blessings of your own.

Remain blessed today.
Picture by: Beverly R. Rivera (me)


  1. This blows my mind Bev this is a terrifec ideal I would like set me up one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Mommy


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