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Engrossed in simplistic and detailed to do lists
Full of over-simulated graphics the eyes have to see and the under-saturated joy the mind for it's endless possibilities
is the warmth of a hand
the assurance of the embrace
that God is still alive
and you are in his grace
for when we forget to realize the skies are still blue
the moon still shines at night
we diminish the hope for tomorrow
the race of endurance, the stamina of the fight
and we lose us.
we lose what is supposed to be
freedom and spirit
power and forgiveness
joy and pleasure
limiting the full potential
of you.
and you are so great,
so powerful, so wonderful
that even the one that creates the blanket of stars and the breeze on a summer night
thought to create you.
in your creation, he found pleasure
the pure molding of his likeness and image
personality. spunk. essence of life
and breathed the life into you as you breathe life out of you everyday. And everyday that life is breathed, that time is created to
be forgotten, we forgotten how to live.
how to be genuine and true and truly genuine to self.
we have forgotten how to be our own best company
how to get up off our ass after a scrape on our knee
how to dig the hell outta that person staring back at you in the mirror
how to be the best of potential and exceed the amount of success surrounding you
how to love thyself first to love someone better
how to run to the throne instead of running to cellular phones
and keep that heart beating..fight with all your will all your might, just fight...
until the good Lord welcomes you, arms outreached
close your eyes. be still. Heaven awaits you tonight
But baby, keep on keepin' on
do your thang
rest easy for a while,
and in the meantime, just smile.
just smile.


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