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Writer’s Write.

Writer's write. It is a simple, yet elegant statement made to serious writers with substantial talent in their being. For talent, my friends-talent cannot be taught. Talent cannot be purchased on E-bay among the highest bidder when auction closes. It is far much greater than that. Talent is in your being. It flows among your red and white blood cells, flowing next to veins and arteries, skeletal systems and major organs. And deeper still. It creeps into a much more spiritual place, of humbling and submission. If your compassion is your blessing, then it would be a waste to give the world a selfish soul full of regrets and harsh decisions with a career. If patience is your blessing, it would be a waste to be in a position of hurried states filled with Espresso dosed days a la Starbucks with no time to give yourself. If you are an artist, it would be a waste of talent to hide your portraits in a desk among Chinese food take out menus and unpaid bills. You see, with talent and the blessing of talent lays responsibility. Yes, responsibility even if we do not own it or acknowledge it. With talent lies the responsibility to share your precious and unique gift with the world. Only you can do it. Only you. In my case, I am a writer. Born with a pen in my hand full of ink with no eraser. And this is how I live my life. Inputting words, advice and conversation straight and blunt with no chaser. No eraser. Nothing to erase what I have done in the past, because it creates a better me for the future. Writers write. And with this keyboard, I write. I write to all in inspiration for writer's blocks and to do lists with no patience and no desire to do so any longer. Live to your full potential. Live like you were meant to live. Live like you need to live. Live like tomorrow will come crashing down and the only thing you have left to do is give you. Live. That's the lesson of today. Just live.

-Beverly R. Rivera



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