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Once Upon A Time

I do not believe in empty fairytales any longer

where my prince on a white horse comes shining through

of fresh air ones and a decent ride

smelling of Ralph Lauren cologne

Fresh faded hairline wheels spinning in chrome

For it is not the epitome of what beautiful personality can bring

full of desire and longing wishing and hoping.

I do not believe in once upon a time introductions

where the peak of the story begins in fantasy

ends in wonder and amazement

piqued with sensitivity

for the sensitive man that I thought to be by my side

ended up a villain to by night to which he hides

lies and memories distant lovers and secret conversations

diluted words and empty promises

once again unfulfilled. once again, I am once upon a time

full of fresh grass and magical happenings

but the only thing surrounding me

is unadulterated negativity

once upon a time,

in the land far away

I met this one guy who loved me

or at least I shall say

so charming by day

so seductive by night

all the ladies in the land

adorned him upon sight

but alas his magical spell ended

and another frog, she had to kiss

and believing in fairytales no more

this lady wished

once upon the star

the gallant man entered a reverie

and then in a lullaby she finally went to sleep. I mean rock a bye baby, the woman

did close her eyes

and then to cry to dream alive to shed a tear, to weep.

I do not believe in fairytales

there are no princes in the world for me

just a lot of goddamn frogs

like the plague of Egypt-as far as the eyes can see.




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