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Sweet Temptation…Requested by You

Am I temptation to you

Beyond a eight hour reverie

Destined for me to be

Your warmth entranced between thighs

Your spontaneity of sweet surprise

Your desire held secret by lies

Of a rendezvous to be

That came so easily

Am I to be

Your temptation tasted of pure delight

Entranced by dim lit rooms

Bounced off the walls in candlelight

With soft melodies played in the background

Boys became men singing easily

As physical presence becomes our foreground

Because if I were to be

Truly be- your temptation

As it seems

Miles would not distance us

Years of separation loneliness and new relationships

Would pale in comparison

By understanding the function of

Pure electricity. From the law of physics we defy

the bond separated by heated inter-creation

soul reflections and reformed

treasures as you are the sweet temptation

coming so easily

my sweet reverie born with life that came to me

I said easily

your pure desire

whereas you are the old cliché

again renewed

to re-ignite my fire.



This is for you. Maybe fairytales are still real, with you.


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