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When we Forget

We often fall in love and get caught up in other's dreams. Their dreams become our reality. Our reality hence becomes a dream, faded away and left for dead, giving no breath in the wind. It amazes me how much one can give up for a relationship. How failures become daily strengths to overcome through ignored conversation, dwindled desire and nonchalance. What about the desire that was once felt? What about the quiet nights and long days of uninterrupted stories that were told because of curiosity. They are replaced. Replaced with short tones, irritated inflections of voice and looks of repulsion. We have fallen in love and got caught up in other dreams. We stopped living, and become a prisoner within our own home. We have stopped believing in ourselves, stopped believing in our own goals. The clean up process is much more hard. So hard that being focused becomes sleepless nights riddled with anxiety and longer days of being a walking zombie. But the goals are obtainable. The to do list may be longer to achieve, but at least they are within focus, within vision. I am not so close where I think I can reach them. I am there, and I am touching them.

Never put your life on hold for the happiness of others. Live your life to your life the way you envisioned it.

Be blessed.


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