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God, I love a new morning.


The kind of morning where sleep is refreshed and you actually hear birds chirping. The kind of morning where the car alarm down the street doesn't sound so loud, the baby waking up is of no bother. This is the kind of morning that I enjoy: fresh Spanish coffee with naked feet hitting the carpet with the almost sound of silence. There is serenity in so many moments which people fail to ignore. We dream of Tahitian filled vacations to feel sand upon our toes. We wander the streets of a busy metropolitan area to sight-see-only to feel exhausted upon our return home. Is the work→home→repeat cycle so obvious that we cannot enjoy precious, beautiful moments? Even in the midst of what I would considered a "fucked up" day, I sat down to breathe. To feel peace. And guess what I found? Peace. If you can tune out-I mean really tune out half of the crap that is continuously thrown in your face on the daily, you might just see that there is peace in the valley. That storms come and go, but the sunshine always seems to peek through. One day (which I would consider crappy) I told my mother that I had enough: I was going to go to sleep, and try again tomorrow. She laughed. The irony is-that's what we do. We have crappy days, but then we desire those beautiful and wonderful days-so we go to sleep to try again. The beauty of a good morning is that you realize that at least with air in your lungs, movement in your body, you still have the ability and pure power to change your world. Notice I say "your" world. Because each individual is responsible for their own environment, even if they were raised by default choices mandated by others. It is of this choice that you can either have beautiful mornings, or have a repeat of the same monotonous, drama-filled and angry day. It's up to me. It's up to you. But a good morning? We truly got to give it up to the Creator for allowing us to even capture that moment.




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