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Destiny Re-born

Do You believe in destiny?

The kind of destiny where two worlds collide and shape their individualities to a entity

A cohesive unit bound than more than the law of attraction.

I moved this man. I was a force to be reckoned within his life, a force that became a movement of his daily impact of happiness.

I was there for him. I listened with more than open ears and open soul, open awareness and open spirituality.

Within a second and inflection of his voice, I was a provider of solidarity and the peace in the ocean of his storms.

We beat in the same heartbeat. We breathe within the same breath. We are truly connected.

No one or nothing can deviate our truth of togetherness, of destiny, of pure answered prayers from the highest of high.

Damn, I loved this man. I loved this man with every single fiber

of my being-every cell and molecule had DNA imprinted on his name, his laughter, his smile. I

dreamed of him. I dreamt of having him within my arms and having him being the enclosure which I lay my head every night.

This man was within me. I had no escape route from the truth.

Even if I ran, he was there. And like a lover anxious to see his dream-girl, he has saved me.

He saved me from me. He saved me from the distrust, the heartache and the pain.

He was there. In physical presence, in spiritual being, he was there.

God, I love this man. This man. This beautiful man.

Do I believe in destiny? Sometimes I question the coincidence of a call,

the letter that was lost in the mail. But him? He is my future. My lover, my one and only. He is destiny reborn.


(…and I love you back)


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