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Dream With Me

Dream with me

Go to far away dimensions reserved for

secret places and intricate spaces

in the Queendom of reality sparked by

the Kingdom of actuality.

Dream with me and

Close your eyes to unexpected reveries

full of oblivious soul-mates and hearts that never

dissipate, dream-lover come close your eyes

to me.    

Go away with me

set your goals upon moonlit nights

where Sandman is reluctantly given a fight

so that you and I can be one within

and infinite surpassing of time comes with joy

everlasting as we whisper

and hush in the nape of the neck

sweet goodbyes fallen from Jacob's ladder

pure and Heaven-sent.

Dream with me

my love, my desire,

my rendezvous of sweetened passion-fire

Dream with me as we

take over reality

filled with harsh expectancies

and neglections; why won't you be next to me

to dream

quiet and easy, slow please believe me

slowly we drive away all distractions

and I become your focus of synchronized rhythms

beating everlasting-why don't you dream with me, my


dreamDream with




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