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What the F**K??????


(The normal rantings of a person whom is sick and tired of being sick and tired.)

WTF is up with....
  1. Annoying neighbors that constantly blast their music til 5 a.m.?
  2. Little children playing outside until 9:00 p.m. (I mean, little kids. Where the hell is your Mom and Dad at anyways?)
  3. People that want to lean on your car?
  4. People that speed ahead of you while you drive-only to tap brakes while in front of you?
  5. People that are constantly connected on their cell phone like they can't make a move without any social interaction in their life for even five seconds?
  6. And speaking of cell phones: WTF is up with men constantly checking them? Gotta hot date? Checking your stocks? Need to know the time?
  7. How about your wear a watch then? Stop checking your damn cell phone. That's right. Nobody is calling you. You aren't that important.
  8. People saying "hold on" while on the phone but don't click back?
  9. Or even better...talking to EVERYONE ELSE but you while you are on the phone with them? I mean-why the hell call me then?
  10. Procastinators. Yes. I am talking to you. Get off your ass and stop saying you are "getting ready" or "going to do" something.
  11. Grown ass men addicted to Madden. Sitting on the couch all day long chain smoking and pressing buttons is really going to get your far in life. Really.
  12. Shrinkage. Not the kind men get after a swim. I mean, everything's shrinking: grocery store items, restaurant meals.....
  13. Women with facial hair? Gross. If I see another chick that gets her moustache shaped upped instead of waxed, I am going to scream.
  14. Or women wearing shorts or skirts without shaving? Eww. Yeah, I really wanna see your Chewbaca legs with freshly painted toenails. You go girl.
  15. Electric stoves. I hate em. Abolish all of those damn things.
  16. Beggars. No-you cannot borrow, beg or steal here. Get a life.
  17. The black and white issue. Who care's who's black and who's white? Can't I just be an American. Damn. All these checkboxes for what????
  18. Wearing socks with sandals. Men are great for this. It looks tacky. Either cut your toenails and slap on some moisturizer or wear some sneakers. Choose one. It's not that hard.
  19. Whack FM transmitters. I'm sick of listening to that static in my car while trying to sing to my MP3's.
  20. I would say gas, but that's an obvious one.
  21. I would say I'm sick of hearing about the presidential election coverage, but that too is obvious.
  22. Ok-what about people that complain but don't vote. You have a right-use it.
  23. People that stand on soapboxes. Yeah, you sure are high and mighty "holy-roller" but you got issues and faults like us all. Pray, acknowledge and change-but get the hell off your soapbox.
  24. And what the hell is up with music videos? Do I have to look at constant booty shaking in my damn face all the time? Do I have to look at you "making it rain" the whole damn shoot? Do I have to look at your obvious cry out for attention with your jewlery? Half of that crap is rented anyways, and trust me-those women would not be with half of those rappers if they didn't have money.,
  25. And who the hell created the term "make it rain"???How about I "make it dry" and pick up all that damn money you dropped off the floor, you showboating nut.
  26. And do I have to listen to Souljaboy one more time? No. I don't want to do the damn "Superman". I'm a Superwoman all day long, what the hell would I want to dance to that subliminal message crap.
  27. And for that matter, why does three different radio stations play the same song at once? No, Usher. I do not want to make love in the club. What is this, Studio 54? Or do people prefer it in nasty bathroom stalls? Am I the only one that has a problem with this?
  28. And why the hell did you put the lid on the soda so damn tight-because you greedy?
  29. And who the hell told the airlines that they would make more money because they are charging for bags? Inconsiderate bastards. Now less people are flying. You are now free to roam about your business.
  30. And why does it take so long for the water in my kitchen to heat up? Do I waste more gallons and harm the Earth, or do I just pay a higher water bill. Both. I smell a conspiracy...

Please feel free to add to the list-just because the bullsh*t never ends, LOL. :)

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