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Your Body’s Here With Me

He doesn't notice that I am here.

For days he has not hugged me

Kissed me hello

Or wished me sweet dreams when the sun rests his eyes

He is life walking lifeless

Full of dreams that went downhill

Plunged into his valley

And now he sits in a dream-like state

of misery

And I am his company

I embrace him when he is reminded that he is alone

Smile when he cannot find laughter

And pray over him when he cannot find the strength

and I am his strength but he does not know it

He has taken advantage of the meals in his stomach

the cleanliness next to godliness in our home

with the gift of God in our son

In a separate world he dwells

hidden from me and the spirits around him

He does not hug

Nor does he kiss

Within his world he dwells

As ignorance lies to bliss.




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