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My Joy

This is what makes you smile.

The holidays in Atlanta were wonderful as I spent time with my son. He throughly enjoyed opening his presents, as you can see...

Trying to keep up with my family tradition from back home, I wanted him to open up just one present on Christmas Eve. I presented him with a beautifully wrapped gift that he promptly began to open as I was getting my camera. The cute little Bambino couldn't even wait!

After listening to Christmas carols and telling my son the real meaning of Christmas, I read him Bible stories and watched him smile. He even stayed up late on Christmas Eve to play with his new toy-a little xylophone.
He was so happy. I love to see the cute little smile on his face!!!
It's all about these little joys, these simple smiles that I begin to see my own present. At Christmas, I did not have tons of presents under the tree for me. I stayed up late to prepare for a nice dinner for the big day. My feet hurt from the shuttling back and forth for combing through nice presents for my family and then mailing them back home. My back ached and I had a slight headache. But my real joy, my simple joy was my son. That's all I needed to feel that joy.
I loved that joy that I seen on Christmas Eve and Christmas. He is my joy. My present. All the present I need.
What's your joy?

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