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I Love Ugly Betty

So, if you call me tonight around 8:00 p.m. I will not be answering.

Finally, after all the hoopla with the writers strike, the holidays, the football games, the anti-good television, I will be plugged into Ugly Betty followed by Greys Anatomy. And on Sunday? Need I say it? The infamous Jack Bauer returns for a fast thrilling and adrenaline rushed 2 hour premiere (again) on Fox.

So, I got my Mom hooked on Ugly Betty. This Americanized telenovela follows the life of a quirky yet get the job done Betty Suarez. Talk about drama. She works for MODE magazine, and after falling for two guys and choosing herself after a short vacation in the world, she is back working under Daniel and is ready to start her exciting internship. I am rooting for Hilda, her sister to finally fall in love again. And what is going to happen to Whilamena when she finally has that surrogate child and tries to take over the Meade empire? Oh, and what is really going on with Daniel's transexual sister that is in jail? Will she ever come back to the show? Will that leeching pain in the ass assistant Amanda move out of Betty's apartment and finally get out on her own? And tonight (oh no...) something will happen to Papi! I wonder why he is going to the hospital. Okay, Mommy. I wrote this for you.

Make sure to catch up with all your favorite episodes of Ugly Betty at:

I love their ABC Video Player. Really crisp images. Watch all of the free online full length episodes.

And Grey's Anatomy? Don't get me started on that. All I have to say is that after a sneak peak I found out that the episode tonight is about a patient that is on death row trying to get a little diagnosis of a parapalegic so that his lawyer can have wiggle room to seek appeals. Whoa.

Watch tonight. I will.

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