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Since my "vacation" (notice the quotation marks) is officially over, it's back to the books with my schoolwork. I have noticed that even my 3.83 GPA is being challenged, as newer classes force me to study longer and harder. It's just that I do not want to be "good enough" I want to be the best.

How people just get by is beyond me.

I was never one of those people-especially academically-to just get by. Call me a suck up, call me a nerd, but I find it personally offensive to lessen myself and standards to just get by. Hell, even if I was a maid I would have the shiniest floors you could possibly imagine. You would practically eat off of my floors and then gleam with a smile as the reflection stared back at you. I have noticed that too many people just get by-forcing themselves to stay in a position of work or employment that does not fit their personality and talents.

Such a shame.

Regardless if I am just now going to college and not straight out of high school, I am determined to find that perfect fit for me. I refuse to stay in a career which I am unhappy with, or one which I would regret for the rest of my life. Talk about bitter. Waking up every morning, forcing yourself to get out of bed to go at least eight hours with people you don't like in an environment which you were far away from, only to find that it's Groundhog's Day and to re-live that bullshit over and over until the end of the week.


Not for me. Since this is my life, and I get to do whatever the hell I want with it, I choose to be happy. So, I have to work a little harder and stay focused to obtain the career which I like-no wait-which I love and then progress from there.

Progression is mental advancement. Getting by is being a stalemate in one's own future. Think about it.

And while you're thinking about it, do something about it too.

Be blessed.


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