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Systematically Attached

He is
The verge of my addiction
The white lines upon a reflected mirror
That I use within my bodily system
The syringe that is placed upon my vein
That I use within my subduction
The pill that I swallow with water
That dissolves in the beat of my heart to function
He is
The shake that cannot be shaken
The soul that can't get out of my system
And the cancerous lesions that metastasize
and multiply in a disorganized chaotic fashion
He is
the end to my means but a beginning to my past
The open door with the rugged welcome mat
The toxin's fallacy that I indulge to drink
The source of my addiction
The alcohol in my drink
He is
The light to my cigarette and the inhalation of my lungs
Gathering smoke to a breath of exhalation
nicotine to the receptors of my brain which tie me over
Which the hit is never done
He is the reason I cannot dance
The reason which I cannot sing
The reason why I cannot smile
The flight of full air, he is my broken wing.
he is the forced laughter
in this tale which I share
And with him, stunted of potential growth
All of lovers, beware.


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