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With you
I am enclosed in the arms
Of the power which is
With you
I am engulfed in spirituality
and dance emotions freely upon
naked feet, physically absent clothing
and meet upon linens upon our shared bed
With you
I am free
and laugh wholeheartedly
Inner-spoken smiles
that choose to spread upon my face
When you touch them.
With you
You are mine and I am yours
without borders or barriers
you are mine within dimensions
crossing upon dense space
and lit stars which hold galaxies
of infinite and definite glory.
You are
and beauty within you
surpasses physical features and hints of sensuality
Passion everlasting and sweetness within your subtleties.
are you
and there are inexplicable words to define
the pure humanness but next to godliness
of the manliness which you make me succumb to.
The breath of your voice upon my ear
Gives me quivers beyond my spine
that are undefined
and you touch the newness in places
which were not touched
the new places
that only you seek
and you find.
make me so....
(i don't know)
just- like a woman.
a woman which wants to love
wants to smile
wants to give
wants to forget about past hurts and pain
the negativity that i keep within
what the mind wills, the heart feigns.
are you,
and with this-I cannot just simply say
I love
which I already do,
But to be in love with you
Is something that is so fresh,
You make me feel
You make me
(i know now...)
You make me feel, everyday
Brand New.

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