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"Grab Bag"

Come on, sweet sexy thang-
Give me some of that
Sweet seduction and candy kisses
Chocolate nipples
and lover's intuition.
When you walk by
I see jelly in that ass
Thick buttery thighs and
Pure honey dripping
form that warm middle
at me/ winks an eye makes a pass
And I want some of that - can I say
that I need to be
the manliness next to your godliness
The bass in your rhythm
The swish in your hips
the Stick in your lollipop
Give me a taste-
Lick that sweet licorice
dripping from the corner of your mouth
Erotic as the Delfonics
Singing on a steamy summer night
Undress me, Disrobe the clothes as I unwind
for you are eye candy upon sight
and Didn't I blow your mind (this time)?
Because sexy thang
Sweet love, you are my special treat
And I dig you, I dig into you
My grab bag
Upon receipt.


for Jermaine. See? I got :)

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