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Life's A Bitch Without Insurance. Seriously.

Excuse the language.

Life's a bitch without health and/or dental insurance.

Ok. Now that I got out my frustration, I can thank all of my blessings that I actually had to pay for a tooth extraction, oral surgery with sutures and nitrous oxide with Novocaine. I hate to say, I hate the dentist. Well...he was my lover today. Him and I were on the same page, laughing and dancing in a beautiful meadow full of wonder and possibilities. Today, the dentist was my best friend. My confidante. The love of my life. On other days, I would say that I hate the dentist. But today? The dentist took away all my pain. So let me scratch out and take that back-I don't hate the dentist. I just am strongly....anxious about seeing him. Armed with a Vistaril (that's a bitch be calm pill for those that don't know) and paying an extra $50 for nitrous oxide (that's laughing gas for those that don't know) I have to admit that my dentist experience was waayyyyy better than what I would have imagined. After the initial pokes or two (or three) I kinda got used to the small "pinch" of the needle and then adjusted my body to melt in the chair. Using my beautiful Sansa that my Mommy gave me for my birthday-I blasted merengue and salsa from my headphones, inhaled the sweet gas of tranquility, and let the nitrous oxide take me places where I didn't think I could go-especially in a dentists chair.

Everything was eerily calm. I was calm. My muscles relaxed, my neck and shoulders submitted to the calm that was before me. Sure-I felt some prodding. Of course, I started to hear something like, "Okay, Beverly-you're gonna hear the drill..." Do what you gotta do, doc. I am under laughing gas with a bitch be calm pill with an MP3 player. I can tune you out.

And tuning him out I did. Blasting my music with CNN on the television (I didn't look because I had my eyes closed), I noticed that sometimes my anxieties overtake me and make me feel like I need more than the usual cognitive restructuring necessary to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones. Hey-God is in control. I need only to be still, and let things happen. Chances are, they are not as bad as I expected.

And now a few hours later, I write on this blog for a reason...for a purpose. Surely, life is a bitch without insurance-but don't let this stop you from getting your dental work done. Especially now in this recession. I say-If you know that you are going to get laid off, milk it for all its worth. Get those veneers you've been eyeing. Get those bite guards so you won't wake up with a headache every morning. Get those expensive caps and get that damn tooth pulled that's been making you wake up every morning at 3:00 a.m. Milk em' for all its worth. Now is the time when preventative care is more needed.

Blah blah blah the economy. I know. Yes, but I hate to tell you-but because I love you, I will. With so many people losing their jobs, their homes, and possibly their sanity-it is much more comforting to know that life is beautiful with insurance-and a bitch without it. Preventative care is far more financially friendly to all parties above versus reactive care. Preventative care: like eating right, exercising, getting your teeth cleaned, annual eye check-ups, and podiatry care for diabetics. In this age, we are seeing more and more people sick and reacting to their health situation because of lack of money. Sad but true. This is just a vicious cycle: we visit ER's because they are the only people whom can't refuse service, we dream of filling our prescriptions and we desire to get better without a without any avenues of doing so. Not only is America losing its monetary value of the dollar and the economy is sick-Americans are sick.

Now, more than ever, we have to take a little better care of ourselves. Yes, its hard when we have dual income households with no vacation in sight with stress levels rising to the Himalayas. Yes, its hard to sit down when we are used to completing tasks and always on the go. Yes, it's hard to realize that we need to sit down. Until recently, I was the same way. Gotta go. Gotta complete a task. The "I Gotta's" got my ass down. I had a cracked wisdom tooth, suffered from 4 day migraines, and damn near have a diagnosis of an ulcer with a confirmation from a ER physician that I have gastritis. Stress? Probably so. But the thing is this: If I do not take care of my body, honor it, be true to it-then it will suffer.

Health is far more than the absence or presence of physical symptoms and indicators. If we rely on the biomedical perspective, we will see that we are not taking into the psychological or psychosocial factors which contribute to our overall health and well-being. How many times have we have a headache but think its just the pollen in the air? Nope. Its a headache because you are stressed, and your body wants you to sit the hell down. How many times do you believe that the heartburn is caused from that double beef burrito from Taco Bell? Well...maybe it is. But essentially, gastrointestinal problems and reflux are correlated with stress-and digestive illness and disease actually react to stress! Essentially, we break ourselves down without any outside help. It is not the world that is out to get us. Maybe we are out to get ourselves-and that is not a good thing.

I was often told by my blessed MomMom (God Rest Her Soul) that I am my worst enemy. Well, sitting inside that dentist chair, I finally realized that she is right. If I do not take care of myself, love myself, honor myself, be myself-I am sure to harm myself in the process. I can be my own self full of positive thinking-or I can make myself sick by neglecting my spiritual, emotional, physical and loving needs.

Now that I said that, I wonder if I have you thinking of the same adage. Sure, life is a bitch without insurance. But life is a bitch if you don't care for yourself in other ways too.

Peace and Blessings Everyone,



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