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I open my arms to you
Stretched wide and open
No air seeps through the crevices
to escape from the blanket of security
which holds warmth and untold regions.
and there,
I am a child.
cradled in fetus position
smelling the sweetness of skin
grazed upon the back of my neck
as your arms,
Those wide arms welcome me
with this embrace-
I stay.
letting continuous moments to become
decades, allowing clocks to
tic and toc and bouncing off
bells and recognizable sounds
that I have grown accustomed to.
within your subtle movements of embrace
i cling tighter. tighter.
I hold on to the hem of your garment
close my eyes to the blinding aurora
which is of you. afraid to move.
afraid to look. afraid to see.
so you hold me. I am your child
nestled within your arms
hearing our hearts beat in synchronization-
this transcends love.
your embrace moves me, yet draws me still
to just breathe...simply, freely
freely, in your arms
I secure myself from outside dangers
hidden harmful adverse behaviors
and unrecognizable characterizations
of myself, you hold
the biological being of your creation
gathered by the dust of the Earth
formed into Adam
rib-one-less than she
I am your child,
The daughter of Eve.
and I open my arms back
clinging, hoping, knowing
your embrace
My God, My Father
As you hold those arms outstretched to thee
I am your child cradled in your hands
my true
blanket of security.


May you be blessed in reading this poem. For God is all around us, within us, and behind us. Subtle and sweet, He moves under the wings of birds, the blades of grass and the spirit of angels. Let God be your true Father; allow comfort to come in your embrace.

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