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"Picture Frame"

I have fallen
Completely and Utterly
Entirely and Systematically
Hopelessly and Enduring
In love with the memory of you.
Gone is the old scent which adhered to my skin
Wrapped in warmth
Shielded from the cold air
which lies in the places in between the sheets.
Your new fragrance allures and mystifies me
becoming an unfamiliarity with your presence.
Surrender to the undefined journey which has kept me
years parted and deserted on a path
which misaligned with me.
My feet grow wet with the newness of you
As I walk down this virgin trail.
I have fallen
Possessively and Shockingly
Disapprovingly and Wholeheartedly
Excitedly and Hurriedly
In love
With the memory of you.
Holding on to a kiss which
falls against the whisper in the wind
Clinging on to the touch that
Unarguably held the essence of our time capsule
Standing still neither in the present or future
A constant purgatory of which I surrender.
You are
Once again that picture that refuses to be framed
Scattered upon personal journals and notebooks
Undaunted by dusty pages and
Forgotten poems.
I have again
and again and again
Redefined the limitations and boundaries
which our love surpasses.
Constantly giving birth to re-creation
from the womb of illusion that into which I stare.
and I stare. Into the eyes which are not mine
the lips which I cannot kiss
the skin which cannot be touched
as I Playfully, Satisfyingly and Undeniably-
(dare I say) Entirely
fall in love with love-
hidden within the memory
of you.


Fall in love with the person-not the memory; even if it means to fall in love again.

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