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have you gaze upon my slanted eyes
and you entrance my vision
looking and glancing for something untold
that was already there obstructed but not hidden.
for in my eyes you are the truth.
the original high-
see you walk into my presence
and my knees jell-ify from a hypnotic rhythm that only your
manly glide from true essence can form.
and i wish i could smell your
cologne on my skin right now.
how the fragrance mixes with my delicate flowers and
dances to make a cooling water heavenly aroma.
the original high.
the smile across my lips that part
ever since the first time we kissed
an embrace that secures its own blanket
where long arms become circles of everlasting
warmth and refuge.
and i could die there. in your arms, i could
be a bird un-caged--dancing and singing with pain
not known as a feeling.
the original high.
have you softly touch my skin and i melt.
there's electricity and fire and passion that consumes me as i breathe
and exhale from the sheer magnitude of you
that renders me breathless.
you create that arch in my back the
moan of my lips the eyes
of desire/ the sway of my hips. motion. passion. endless.
you. are. the. original. high.
much more than an object of affection
or an conquered quest disguised under lies beneath pants of hidden sex
we are soul deep.
with you, i can share stories of different lifetimes and past, dreams forgotten re-lived shared and then born again.
you are my phoenix rising.
we are soul connected.
beyond time and years passed we created
memories etched into our souls
and will give birth to new beginnings that one day will become the past.

you are the original high.
and i know you.
from your intricate lines in your face
to your nervous twitch in your fingers and
your mocha chocolate skin
that glows when i glance at you just right-
would you stay
for the night?
i will make love to you,
my original high-
we would make love.
your taste would be succulent and sweet
unearthing the dense span to which
you would allow me to comfort you.
to hold you. lay soul to soul naked under glistening skin from sweating
and learning each others physical being that we
already know but secretly try to explore at a moments notice. i would make love to you. just have you brush against my skin
my lips my kiss my sweet succulence
have you glide in and out
make me scream, make me shout
make my wants fulfill my desires
put more flames into the fire
create pleasure engulfing into your refuge
comfort within arms lovers forever new
to call your name pull me tighter
have me climb
you are original high.
and i do not limit you
to just the sky.


This is a throwback poem. I wrote this one maybe close to two years ago, and just wanted to share it. Stumbled upon the pages of my poetry book...He knows who it is for.


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