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Where will you go
when the sheets are cold to the touch
the nightstand does not hold my glasses
and the pillows remain untouched by
the Heavenly scent that clings to damp skin
after my evening shower
Where will you go
when loneliness turns into repression
and candles are lit only for rolling blackouts
Storms approach to yield downpours
And my umbrella is not in the hall closet.
Where will you go
as laughter does not fill the acoustic walls
bouncing off distant memories and
my tender voice is only found
in recordable videos
will you watch my body as if it was there
will you listen to old voicemails
to find the inflections of my voice
will old letters become new poetry
comparable to Sonia Sanchez as you find
the birth and rebirth of beauty
within words?
Where will you go
when R&B tracks are begging
for the smooth gliding of feet
to welcome their tune
in hushed embraces
when a kiss on the neck is a welcome
to the invitation of my hips parting
and waves of wetness are your remembrance
of the very thought of my sexiness which
you lost;
Where will you go, my love?


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