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"First Love"

Riddle me this
riddle me that
how words
float on paper in the
magic of vowels
stacked upon
metaphors slicked
into similes galore
hidden euphemisms
revealed in spoken
word the flicker
of a tongue
born to my
mothers womb
encased in the
placenta of a dictionary
reading by nightlight
blessed with words
upon sight
insomnia encases
the artistry of which
I write.
riddle me this
riddle me that
a woman being words
upon destiny to live
a poet, die
a poet
my death row meal
a platter of a
fountain pen
and journal
in which my stomach
eats words
and I am fulfilled.
you are my first
love affair,
sweet man
artist upon mine
in candle lit rooms
and silenced thoughts
reverberated the age
of the glass of wine
given to me by
my lover, I sit
and write and
riddle me this,
sweet poetry
how are you love
at first sight?


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