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I am loving California!!!!!

We have my Abuela holding her great-grandson: My son, Bambino.

And here we have Chili, my cousin :)

I have the most beautiful familia! Everyone is so nice, so beautiful. Boricua, baby! And by the way, Bambino was NOT feeling the ocean. That's my Papi trying to give him his first feel for the beach!

Yeah. My cousins visited me for the first time. It was nice to meet them.

And we have some more pics of my Abuela, Cheo, my Uncle Tito and Uncle Luis

So-California is really nice, everyone. I am truly enjoying my vacation. Seeing my Abuela, Papi, My Tios, Tias, Primos and Primas has been so amazing.

I have the most amazing family!

And these are some pictures of me and the great Bambino!!! I always try to take a few pictures of me. Yes. The hair is red now, people!

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