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"Simply You"

this surpasses what is simply you
and what divinely is me
i have intricately allowed the fibers
of my being to be woven into the blanket
which you hold me within your arms
my security. my inhaled scent of a familiarity
in the musky aftermath of future lovemaking.
i have created memories and shared past lives
with you, my lover. i have endured systematic pain
and washed my soul anew with the baptism of your
hidden sex under cool khakis. you were the virginity
which i offered eternal abundance through reassurance
after moonlight reluctance in the uncertainty in the room.
you create passionate environments
which we lay to bear energies and future engagements
reserved for lovers only in the midst of public displays of affection
you were my resurrection in the death of my soul
my lover, you were there when all faith has
come and gone and yet you rely to me
electronically that you still believe in me.
within simply being you
there are so many intricacies
however this has woven the intimate fiber of my being
you have loved me and moved me. shook me and waked me
to the unbelievable and vast beauty
of that which is life.
simply you,
you have created a new purpose for living
for mere existence does not belong in the same
category which i shall tell my story
and this story untold yet lived
over and over again
do not believe in fairytale endings but blessed beginnings
my beautiful man
i have shared moments with you in the middle of the night
where pillow talk became more than lustful thoughts
and shared dreams became reality as you and i became we
i have fascinated and wondered of the amazement
that which is of you
the inexplicable boundaries unbound and to expound
the limitless giving that shares the enigma
of the puzzling spirit that which is a clue
i have given my all and became submersed
as you wove the intricate fibers of my being.
i am divine and pure goddess in your eyes
you are the sight for my seeing.

thank you.


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