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I need to know
whats in here.
what lies submerged
under skin and bones
tissues and veins
what is your lifeline
besides the rhythmic
beat of a muscle
pumped to the core
heard in my ear
as I rest upon your chest.
I need to know
what's in here
what lies soul deep
of hidden/chasms
of unexplored terrain
rustic and begging
to be a beaten path
from one's sole of their feet
I need to know
the simplicity of your
intricacies laid in
plain view yet
puzzling to the eye.
Enigma. a logic
that can only be
philosophised in the
hidden works of great poems
and metric within verse.
I need to know
what's in here
what truly moves you
and shakes you
makes your mojo
be your soul flow
and dance your life
to an offbeat chord.
I need to know
want to know
desire to know
what's in here. in you.
I am simply and
utterly in love
with what lies
(in there.)

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