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“Sweet Surrender”

I am a kiss

Landing on the sweet succulence

Fortifying the moment of tenderness

As time stands still

Upon the wings and the hands of time

I hear the soft breath of dripping passion in my mind-

Slowly satisfying     simply energizing

The wet juicy(ness) as I surrender to

The lusting moistness

Forming in between my thighs- and I'm slowly…I'm slowly…I'm slowly

Mesmerized feeling my body getting high     so high

And I'm light,         so light         as my body gets closer

Joining- I'm getting nearer, so close

Time stands still-

Hush…just listen. (you hear that?)

So I surrender.

Give me more. So much that I I'm engulfed in you/can't breathe

I'm asthmatic need air…slowly smothering

From all this passionate loving slowly dying, but I like it

Give me more. Give me more.

So much, that I feel you all under, beneath my pores

Permeating through my skin, I feel your tender touch

Touch to feel, Feel to need, Need to love, Love had me

A soft breath beneath my ear, tingling to my neck/down my spine

Pressed against my shoulders, pressed against my lips

Landing on the sweet succulence, love tenderness, surrender this, your empress,

I am a kiss.



7/17/02 This one is a oldie but goodie. Was going through poetry books, and saw this one. I love to do this one in spoken word form. It just sounds beautiful when twisted and manipulated into a soft voice. Enjoy.

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