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Closing my eyes the
dewy mist showers my face
sparkling diamonds
as reflections upon the
I spread my arms wide
to welcome to warmth
upon the slippery skin
that glides me. moves me
me. indulges me. yet
afraid of the fall.
Slowly, I creep to the edge
the bank of the free
river flowing welcomes
me to go with the flow.
the motion. the water
that flows and ebbs
curving over slicked thighs
and ankle deep submersion
that magnetizes the pure
woman(ness) of me to dive in-
yet I cannot swim.
my heart beats. faster.
rhythmically I sync to
the trickling sounds
rolling over the exposed rock
and wet moss.
look at the beauty.
the rock. this river
flowing into the mouth
of an abyss
I close my eyes
held unto nothing
and jumped
the waterfall,
a gentle kiss.


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