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You are lethal to me.
A slow poison
Of contagious
But slowly anxious
Passionate lovin’
Is it a dream
Or reality I’m muttering…
You make me high
You make me low
You make me sing
You make me moan
I’m stuttering/staggering
Move in me closer
Deeper still
Nothing else/ I’m wanting
I desire you like ecstasy’s pill
I desire you like
My body needing a fix
The way you move
The way you sway
You make me wanna
Kiss your succulence
But I can’t
Your kiss is toxic
Your love no/ logic
And it saddens me to see
How I dropped the crown
off my head
And make a weaker me.
I can not love you.
Even though I went deeper.
Deeper than the ocean’s bliss
Still waters run/ enclose me
I can’t be your kiss
You are lethal to me.
Even though your touch is
Your voice
I can not force myself to be
Your original high
By the way you
Ascend me.
Even though your stiffness
Is the best upon my
Clitoris- I can’t let you
Get next to this
Because my love is genuine
And yours... just isn’t
I have a man who
Puts a crown back on my head
Kisses my hand
Recites vows out his lips
And I’m always said
To be-
His love, his life
His future ahead-
So I can not love you
Because your life in me
Is now dead.


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