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In his eyes, I am pure Goddess.

Alcmene, the mother of Hercules
strength and beauty designed and
redefined to even at the end of life, I am
worshipped. Within this biological being
launching a thousand ships is
comparable to the sway of my hips
the verb of love.
beyond the hedonistic
pleasures of the flesh, I reign supreme-
The mighty Aphrodite, adorned with
white garments/crown of gold
personified by Homer, an ancient tale to be told.
I am Neith rage as a war goddess
yet a weaver of dreams and silk from the gift of sight

...and as day kisses the sky goodbye
As moon Goddess Artemis, I rule the night.
Giving birth to crickets humming at
summer's heat, dewy mornings and restful sleep-

In his eyes, I am pure Goddess.

Recognizing my name to be
synonymous in the eternal womaness
that even fellow Queen Maya
internalized to be,
"Phenomenal Woman"
I am she.

and in all fairness, I balance the scales of justice
as Astrea blind to false tales, aligned with
immortal lust. I am forever.

Forever more,
complex originality that transcends
and finds the four letter word
sustaining the test of time. I am Goddess. pure hotness.
methodical sexuality permeating
woman, beauty inexplicable within this. within me. yet, I am more.

more than the monotony as the average being
As a thunderous walk in the room,
men clamor as I, the sight for sore eyes being
am sweet magnolia scents and
perfumed skin of soul awakenedness and effervescence.
I ebb and flow into the mind of you
I am the riddle to which you have no clue
more than the caramel cleavage hypnotizing with
the sway of my hips
I am Goddess, the intelligence
in which you miss.

but he sees. he knows.

This goddess, in his eyes, continues to grow.
as Chloris, the dominion over flowers
break bread over me, Demeter-as I harvest the power
but keep peace, Ececheria soothe me with sleep, Epione
as am I, the Pepromene

-the Goddess of Destiny.

in his eyes, I am Goddess.
- Thunder. Passion. Creativity.

in my eyes, I am Woman.
-Love. And all the potential my inner Goddess will be.

shout out to "Hollywood" for being my muse.
Embrace your inner goddess, Ladies. Wear that crown well.

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