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"A Sight For Sore Eyes"

my worth
measured in honey thick thighs
and swinging hips
movement and magnetization
within the males lick of the lips
my worth
calculated by Hershey kiss nipples
and cleavage exposed (bounce)
make ripples
of human flesh re-defined and
slow to climb
corporate ladders and executive suits
when brain matter and intelligence
is comparable to the next man
hidden sex whom calls my thinking "cute."
my worth
balanced in the tangible ankles adorned with jewelry
nape of neck perfumed with the secret of
Victoria, my waist accentuated surely
with g-strings and thongs
legs, high heels and ached feet
beneath the the sculpted legs long
my worth
counted and scrutinized
ass plentiful and mocha chocolate skin
rhythms of bass movement in
music videos hair dancing off of beats
as I am called a hoe.
bitch please
there has to be more than this to me
i am more than the calculation
definition measurable and comparison driven
societal degree in which they see me

i am woman.

no cliche of hear me roar
i whisper when i need be. soft and delicate
the grace of the wind that finesse the trees
the root of which the bark lays place
the foundation of which
seeds are sown into place.

my worth.

my worth. is my worth more than
worthy for i to be reigned as a Queen
stereotyped and believed to be the hype of
sexual objects and poor choice of verbal expressions
dictated by future generations and harmful
pasts of which women have risen.

my worth. is my worth more than
the spewed sperm upon one's face in
porn star reality turned TV disgrace from queendom
sexual positions turned back to 180 degree intuition
Kama sutra indulgence and wet secrets
enveloped with a warm middle
vagina not treated with proper labels
relationship tested and dreams un-able.
where the oldest profession to walk this earth
becomes the woman who walks the night
shadow dance car to car buck to buck
all night flirt turn tricks
ounce of a soul turned bold
good for one night fuck?


we are more. so much more, Ladies.
see the proper term capitalized
as i re-define
the definition of woman
that lineage follows suit as we find
the capture of life
womb enabled child miracle blessing
one rib more than Adam
amazement to see that your crown has fallen
to dirt and ashes a sign to see
that Woman, dear Lady-
you are so much more.

more than a swing of the hips kiss of pure succulence
man devoured and woman soured
big breast thick boned and phat ass
shawty or wifey
give ring to thee-make em' wife to be
surely the Queen has got to see
that envisioned for the future
one has to define what is the past
and the past is what you have been
not what your potential to be

my worth. your worth. our worth

a sight for sore eyes to see.

because Ladies-we define our character and self worth.

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