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"Death Row"

you will be my death row meal.

an instant gratification of delectable
nouns adjectives verbs
with succulent stanza surprised
in aromatic annunciations chewed slowly.

time will be measured
in satiable alliterations wiped onto a
white cloth eating fork made of
thesaurus thick tragedies
birthed to allusion personifications.

pen to paper, the hourglass.
an immense pressure to immortalize
each sentence syntax. each word
the savory satisfaction solidified
as a millisecond in the sand.

you will be my death row meal.

the lingering ink an aromatic herb
sensualizing my nose, the crinkling
of paper a chewing of ancient scribes
tingling bittersweet aftertaste of
sonnets and love notes,
haiku and senryu.

yes. let. me. chew.

masticate while I procastinate and
flow misunderstood etymologies
tearful eyes while I apologize
to the inner bibliophile
I will rather diminish if I cannot
finish the utterance of Giovanni
sweetness of Teasdale
rhythm of Hughes.

you, my death row meal-
slowly, I shall chew.

swallow inner beauty danced
upon crisp sheets
form, figurative language, creativity
sparked as slowly
I weep.

my tears flow a river
ink blots upon the paper.
you, my death row meal
until the last bite,

i savor.


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