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"I Don't Like That Chick."

I don't like that chick.

She the type
swing ass and hips
as a sign of melted caramel wishes
topped with ebony thickness.

its not the hate, the type of hell
where women do not wish each other well
and i am the type to uplift and appreciate
-listen up: this simply ain't about hate.

i simply...don't like that chick.

she the type
to giggle at your man's corny jokes
when shit ain't funny.
posing when cameras aren't flicking
and blows through others stack of money
never opinionated-loves to go with the flow
because opposition from a man
is the ultimate pet peeve, from this she knows
from a long lineage of women as single parents
she being the ultimate third generation
all she knows is lies and forbidden touches
and no honest penetration.
she moves with a pack
much uglier than she
because she wants to look good
for the betterment of a man to see.


i don't like that chick.

she the type that takes any dick
to deep throat smack it up
welcomes penetration in three holes
for nails and hair done
she can sell her soul
and too.fucking.familiar
with the distance between two points
if you that close to smell my man's breath
then you that close to wearing nothing else
see, i don't like the type of woman
who's favorite song is X-Scape's "My Little Secret"
because even bad asses get caught
and that's the way karma keeps it
and forgive me if this is too blunt
but if it applies, then it cant fly
i need to speak real and game recognizes game
and the stunts that you pull-
baby? you doing the same thing
its the oldest profession on earth,
read a bible, take up theology
your name tag reading Jezebel
your lust in eyes i can see.
backstabber smile in your face
all the time she wanna take your place
irresponsible and downright unloyal
son of a bitch-

i simply...don't like that chick.

the type of woman who loves how to be a clean up type of gal
swinging her broom from side to side
waiting in the trenches hopping over your fences
pretending to be ya pal.
she the clean up woman.
the heart-breaker and prostitute
the little hot ass, the chick that is just too damn loose
the bitch, the hoe, the skank the trick
she wears many names,
but all I know is-

i don't like that chick.

i got my eye on her.
every time she moves.
she wears many faces
harder to recognize each time
but when she speaks
empty vessels tell the truth
from lies.

i'm one step ahead of her and
one step behind her.

i don't like that chick.

this chick must be dismissed
is it possible that it is just a fad
to fuck one another woman's man
and have the audacity to brag?
it is me or does respect go out the window
when she enters and sashays that skin glow
of uplifted breasts fresh from Victoria's Secret
and, its can be my little secret...
is she the temptation that men can't hide
their hidden sex exposed even under lies
is it the newness or claim of freshness
utter disturbance in the niceness which you were blessed with
is it the slant of the eyes, the freak in the bed
the one that don't cook no breakfast
leaves the door wide open instead?
is it the smell of fresh meat
that got you salivating at your lips
is it the way that gloss touches you from a kiss
is it the voice that is not mine
that purrs for simple sex
is it the unfamiliarity of new territory
is it the ideal of being caught the high of tests/
is it that she can never be me
is it that i can never be her
i simply don't take no shit
so now you simply want to be all up
in the newness?

the newness. the newness. this doesn't equate to clean
the freshness and effervescence in which the soul to my love
which i bring. i rubbed your back with snot coming down in tears
as you cried in the dark over all these years
i am your lover your homemaker
your freak your marriage-taker
your beauty, your queen
your soul, your being
i am your cook and your chef
your freak at night lady in day by dress
i am your mother of your child
womb filled by you
i am the original high
the one whom you come home to.


they don't ever leave, though you beg them to stay.
they don't trim the tree on special holidays.
they don't tend to illegitimate children
or put a ring on your finger
they don't stay long enough after the fuck
for even their cologne to linger.
and while you sit there and
let me tell you this-
i am watching you, trick
i am two steps before you
and one step behind you.
the wife gets respect
while the "other" gets everything less.
you are nothing, miss lick of the lips.

and even though my man don't cheat-
because i bring it too nice for you to follow with bullshit
i will be the one he seeks while you
be just another clit.
i am watching you-

i'm one step ahead of her and
one step behind her.

Ladies beware
to the kind of woman holding it down
the type of woman to love with care, you see
it's something about her
something about the way she is around a man's presence,
the swing of her hips-
too much familiarity

oh hell no.

i don't like that chick.


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