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"No Middle Name Maze"

(from start to finish)

Met him on a sunny day
Don’t remember which
but the cold was outside. The season
for change/ change was he
Near winter months before
“You don’t know my name” was in heavy rotation
He was sweet temptation through slant eyes
and light flirtation
I wanted him then.
Complemented me on juicy lips
had a wondering eye for the swing of my
hips in my tight-ass jeans that I wear for
just the right occasion
Didn’t know he was who he was
But it was a sweet celebration
Didn’t know when or where passion would
lead us- wrote him a poem/ “bittersweet”
Does he still know where that is?
But back to the subject at hand
Or should I say the subject of connection
Sweet hellos/ he says he misses me (already)
and I am his dream girl of sweet affection
Yet he says this smooth… mellow
As he exhales his cigarette
Looks at me with deep gaze
Even in drunken state- that man is fine
damn fine/ puts comfort in lonely eyes
Shared dreams and inspiration
Tear drops on roof-tops and intellectual conversation

Could I be- is there a possibility
That I could just probably
That missing rib on his side
He says I am that missing that he’s been
searching I am his repetitive thoughts
I am his notion-
Not just by night in quiet rooms and a rested shoulder
but by day he (say) “I could take the hurt from her”
He’s been my umbrella. My shield. My rough around the edges but still sweet
cooking buna with ramen noodles prince
on the white horse but sportin’ Nike
Kinda Love.
and I adore him.
Washed his back under warm shower water
Embraced him under cotton sheets
Conversations of future-past became
future-tense/ of moons and dominions and
skies endless
Talked he would gift my finger of
an engagement ring/ He my husband/He my King He would be strong for me/ strong willed for me that
he would die for me
But will he live for me?

I want him still.

(a throwback-but he's been heavy on my mind.)

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